Why would I pay for an eBook about Florida Title Insurance Endorsements?

The simple answer is that you want to be an expert in the area of Florida Title Endorsements. Sounds cheesy, huh? Not really. Experts are able to explain to their customers exactly which type of coverage they’re purchasing and why they may or may not need it. Experts also make less mistakes which lead to less claims. So overall, experts get more business and make more money than non-experts. Still not convinced? Review our sample Florida Form 9 Endorsement topic and see what you’ve been missing.

Which devices can I view this eBook on?

The “eBook” is actually just a PDF document. So any device (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) able to view Adobe PDF files will work. Simply download the file and click to view. You also have the ability to copy the file and store on all of your devises for easy access.

Why should I rely on this information?

All content provided herein is currently being used by working professionals and underwriters in the title insurance industry. Like most information it is subject to various opinions and factors, however, all information provided herein is supported by the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), Florida Statutes, and is properly cited therein. In short, we’re very familiar with the major companies’ underwriting standards and have exceeded what they put out to provide you with added clarification and support – you won’t be disappointed.

Are copies of the endorsement forms included in the eBook?

No. This reference guide does not include copies of each endorsement form – these should be obtained from your underwriter. Why is this? Most of the endorsements discussed herein are copyrighted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). Only ALTA members and their agents may issue and distribute them.

I purchased the eBook but I never received the confirmation email. What now?

This is not common, but no worries. Simply send us an email below and we’ll happily email you a copy.

More questions? No problem.