Have Title Endorsement Questions?

We’ve simplified each endorsement to take the guesswork out of issuing and purchasing endorsements.

Our book specifically details:

  • Coverage Provided
  • Requirements to Issue
  • 2006 Form Comparison
  • Cost of Issuance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lots More

Help Has Arrived

Our Florida title insurance endorsement book is like nothing else on the market. Each endorsement is simplified and explained in a manner that can be easily communicated to the average consumer. Whether you’re a title agent looking for specifics or a proposed insured needing a place to start, our book has you covered.

Why do I need this?

Become an expert. Experts are able to explain to their customers (or themselves) exactly what type of coverage they’re purchasing and why they may or may not need it. Experts also make less mistakes which lead to less claims. So overall, experts get more business and make more money than non-experts.

In addition to breaking down the coverage provided, requirements to issue, and pricing, we provide detailed examples, charts, and answers to frequently asked questions. View a sample topic.

Still have questions? View answers to our frequently asked questions.